• How we can help Portfolio Companies

Portfolio Companies

We have a holistic approach to the private equity lifecycle

We help management teams understand the mind-set of institutions and introduce them to private equity houses who are closely matched to their sector. We take a holistic view when analysing every client’s individual situation; one size does not fit all.

We advise and provide clarity to shareholders and management teams of companies who are interested in entering the private equity lifecycle. We are passionate about helping these people understand not only the benefits which are associated in gaining backing from an institution but also the risks. Our team have extensive experience in helping entrepreneurial firms identify the right next step for them and private equity is the right solution to assist them in achieving their goals.

Our team have an in-depth understanding of numerous sectors and services and an appreciation for the interaction of all private equity issues affecting stakeholders including portfolio companies, funds, general partners and the PE principals behind them. We genuinely care about the success of our clients and have established ourselves as a reliable market leading adviser within the private equity industry, whilst always keeping our clients at the forefront of our decisions.

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