Finding the right Private Equity Investors

Finding the right Private Equity Investors

Is your business looking for investment? Even if you think Private Equity might be the right course for you, identifying potential investors can be a complex process. Working out whether you need a specialist investor, a mid market firm, or a local Private Equity house, and how involved you want them to be in the running of your business is just the start of the journey.

How to navigate the private equity market: a free guide

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If you have read our Demystifying Private Equity Guide and you have decided that PE investment is the way forward for your business, our Navigating the Private Equity Market guide can help you:

  • Identify the different types of Private Equity investment
  • Things to consider when building a business plan for your investors
  • Create timelines for the investment process
  • Set your business up for success with your investor

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Our Demystify, Navigate, Accelerate and Realising programme supports owners of private businesses and management teams in understanding the world of Private Equity

Unsure if Private Equity is right for your business or simply want to understand how PE firms work? Read our Demystify Private Equity guide.

If you have been through the process of securing investment for your business our free post-transaction guides are designed to help.


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