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Motor Retail

Since its peak in early 2017, the motor retail sector has been affected by economic uncertainty, ‘Diesel-gate’ and saturation of the market by pre-registered vehicles. Add to those factors, continued pressure on margins from manufacturers and the need to invest in meeting dealer standards and motor retail is facing considerable headwinds. Technology is disrupting the industry with the introduction of autonomous and connected vehicles and the shifting of consumer buying patterns.

BDO Car dealership knowledge and experience

You could benefit from the advice and insight of an adviser who has a real depth of knowledge of the car industry and motor dealerships. Whether it is tackling the Apprenticeship Levy, the new Corporate Criminal Office legislation or trying to refinance banking facilities, our goal is to help you make the right decision that will benefit your motor retail business.

The BDO Motor retail team represents 50 senior professionals led by a Centre of Excellence based in Southampton. Our Motor Retail Centre of Excellence ensures training and support to the other 17 BDO offices across the UK. Wherever you operate, there is a BDO partner or specialist with the knowledge and experience to make a real difference to your business.

Our clients include franchised dealerships and used-car operations and range from single to multi-franchised groups. We work with each motor retail business to address their unique needs and opportunities. Our aim is always to translate the knowledge and skills of our people into improved results for your business.

BDO services for motor retail

We provide a variety of services to our motor retail clients including:

  • Statutory audit and financial statement preparation
  • Corporation tax compliance and advice
  • Capital allowance reviews
  • Risk advisory and internal control services
  • VAT and employment tax advice
  • Corporate finance advice and services including due diligence and M&A

Motor Retail knowledge-sharing and reports

We regularly organise seminars and workshops on best practice, regulatory changes as well as the challenges and opportunities facing the motor retail sector. Our relationships with key industry stakeholders and our audits of the AM Awards all contribute to our ability to keep you one step ahead of the market.

This combination of breadth and depth has made us one of the top advisers to motor dealerships in the UK. We will pinpoint where you can enhance efficiency and protect profit.

The BDO Motor 150 Report, NADA Update and the Motor Salary Survey provide insight into current hot topics in motor retail as well as guidance on how dealers can best prepare for the challenges ahead.