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Technology and Media

The way we live, consume and do business is being transformed by technology - there are no aspects of our lives that are untouched by its impact. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, personalisation and automation will be driving the pace of change over the next years, or perhaps just months, before they are overtaken by new technology.

Nowhere has the impact of technology been deeper or wider than in media. How media and content are produced, distributed, monetised and consumed is unrecognisable from just a few years ago. The pace of change will continue to be driven by the developments in technology.

The businesses behind these developments are as innovative as the products and services they create. They start as small and agile companies driving technology development at a breakneck speed. If they are successful, they grow fast and internationally from day one.

Even if they are disrupting markets or creating new ones, technology companies face the same challenges that businesses have always faced; growing and scaling up, accessing finance, managing and complying with regulation and maintaining the culture that created success in the first place.

BDO’s Technology and Media Team

Like the businesses we work with, the key to our success is putting the client’s experience at the heart of what do and what we deliver. It takes personality and insight to understand what a client needs and to deliver that effectively. The technology, and in our case the technical knowledge, is a means to achieving that superior experience rather than an end in itself. Innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset are what drives us to deliver the ideas and insights that make a difference to our clients.

Our team of 250 partners and staff are based in BDO’s 18 offices across the UK. This means that we are able to indulge our passion for really getting close to the businesses we are helping to succeed. We like to build the lasting relationships that deliver better results and better experiences.

We work the way our clients do. In technology and media, this means working internationally. The BDO International network spans 162 countries and every major financial and commercial centre around the globe. As your business reaches ever more consumers and clients across international markets, we will make sure you stay on the right side of regulations and tax efficiency.

As one of the largest accountancy and business advisory firms in the UK and the world, we have the experience and knowledge to deal with every challenge and opportunity that you may have. Whether it is audit, tax, advisory or outsourcing, we have the expertise in our network of passionate and dedicated people.


plugd:in is BDO’s very own content hub for our tech and digital media community. Every month our articles offer expertise and inspiration on areas including managing disruption, scaling for growth, and PE funding, as well as interviewing the founders, CEOs and FDs of these companies to tell us their story, and share a few learnings gained along the way.