• Technology and Software

    Explore how the BDO Media team’s expertise can improve your bottom line and help you tackle the challenges facing your business.

Technology and Software

We work with technology and software businesses that operate in every sector of the economy. They deliver a range of technologies such as Software as a Service, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual and Augmented Reality products to their customers.

How BDO can help your technology business

We provide our technology clients with the ideas and insights that make a difference to their bottom line. It is our sector expertise and experience combined with our commitment to understanding the people and business behind the numbers that allows us to get results.

Our clients come to us for help meeting their challenges in audit, tax and a wide range of other business areas. We specialise in the services and advice that are specifically relevant to technology businesses. Those services include valuing intellectual property, managing the complexity of transfer pricing and advising on mergers & acquisitions.

R&D relief for Technology businesses

The UK Government offers a number of attractive tax reliefs, such as patent box, research & development tax credits, and the Enterprise Investment Scheme, to encourage businesses to develop and hold their IP in the UK.  Our team has successfully maximised these tax reliefs for tech businesses, in particular with research & development tax credits whereby SMEs can enhance their qualifying expenditure by 130%.

Technology business: an international challenge

Borders do not affect digital products and services and technology businesses are inherently international. This creates opportunities for fast growth and expansion. The challenge is to operate internationally and do it effectively. This requires regulatory compliance, international tax efficiency and the ability to coordinate resources across multiple markets.

We advise clients on how best to achieve this. We are able to call on the collective expertise and commitment of the BDO International network that operates in 162 markets and has a presence in every major financial and commercial centre. Our seamless international service combines local knowledge of markets and regulations with an international reach that will operate wherever you need us to.