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Technology in other Sectors

Technology is changing the way people work, the way companies operate and the way consumers act and buy. Technology is also creating new markets and disrupting existing ones. The most high profile disruptors have been Uber and AirBnB but the new billion-dollar market in apps was an unforeseen impact of the smartphone. We have yet to understand fully how voice-recognition may change the world of retail or how AI and blockchain upsets the world of professional services.

New digital entrants are affecting every sector or industry. The newcomers are putting technology at the heart of their offer to gain a competitive advantage. Whether it is IT service providers, proptech and platforms in real estate, cleantech in the natural resources sector or robots and the IoT in manufacturing, those who put technology are emerging as market leaders.

How BDO can help your technology business.

Whatever sector or market you operate in; we want to help your technology business succeed. We want to generate the ideas and advice that will make a difference to your bottom line. We are strong Technology and Media team with a wealth and depth of experience that comes from taking the time to understand the people who run the businesses we work with. We draw on the expertise of our sector and industry teams across BDO and our 18 offices in the UK. There is no sector where we can do not have the expertise and the people who can make a difference.

Typically, our technology clients have international ambitions from Day 1. The BDO international network means that we are able to help them achieve those ambitions by providing local knowledge and experience wherever they operate.

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