We are a specialist team driven by helping aviation businesses overcome the accounting and business challenges they face to achieve long-term success. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the greatest disruption the commercial aviation sector has ever faced and we are working with businesses like yours as they recover and return to growth following the pandemic.

Our team can help assist with any immediate challenges around liquidity, raising new finance and restructuring operations. Beyond this, we can also partner with you in addressing the key challenges of the next decade including the increasing focus on the environmental and social impact of the sector, evolving cyber security risks, continued consolidation in the sector, changes in the international tax environment and the growing momentum behind corporate governance and audit reform.

You will receive high quality, integrated advice and support across a full range of accounting, assurance, tax and business advisory services tailored to you, your business and your needs. Your challenges and priorities will also be evolving and you will benefit from our significant experience, the reach of the BDO international network and our deep understanding of the issues facing the sector.

Our clients include airlines, support businesses and aircraft leasing businesses that face challenges ensuring they are flexible enough to manage continuing uncertainty while at the same time ensuring they are positioned to thrive in the ‘new normal’.  

Corporate advisory service

Many businesses in the aviation sector have had to raise new funds, either debt or equity, as a result of the challenges posed by the pandemic. Our corporate finance advisory team have extensive experience in providing strategic advice on fundraising options, supporting in the preparation of business plans and financial models, and executing fundraising transactions.

Business restructuring

As the environment in which businesses in the aviation sector are operating is changing rapidly, our restructuring experts can work with you to find efficiencies, improve business performance and preserve value.

Environmental and social compliance

The environmental impact of the aviation sector is coming under increasing scrutiny. Increasingly, organisations need to align their activities with internationally respected frameworks, in order to access finance, manage reputational risk and demonstrate leadership.

Information and cyber security

Businesses in the aviation sector typically hold large amounts of consumers’ personal data. The risk of cyber-attack is growing exponentially due to the opportunities presented by technology and improved systems connectivity.


We work with colleagues across our extensive international network to support you with these requirements, advising on operations in new territories, structuring transactions, responding to tax audits and on-going compliance requirements.

External audit

The external audit market in the UK is changing and our audit practice audits more listed businesses than any other audit practice in the UK.

Accounting advisory

The sector has seen significant accounting changes in recent years in areas such as customer loyalty schemes, revenue recognition and leases.

Internal audit

Our team looks beyond financial risks and statements to provide you with assurance over your most fundamental internal controls, helping you detect and prevent fraud, and monitor compliance.

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