• Xero: Why optimising your finance technology stack makes sense

Xero: Why optimising your finance technology stack makes sense

26 March 2021

Does your finance function suffer from the following pain points?

Are you looking to get more out of Xero to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of your growing business?

Would you benefit from an external perspective on your finance and accounting technology stack?

For businesses to be successful, management and finance teams must have access to timely, accurate and relevant financial and non-financial information in order to make informed decisions and compare actual performance to agreed objectives. So, is your existing finance and accounting technology set up to support that goal?

Xero Optimisation workshops: An insight into best practice and functionality

Our Xero Optimisation workshops assess your ‘here and now’ and identify the steps and tools which will have the greatest impact on your business aspirations as you scale.

During a focused session, our team of finance and accounting technology experts will take time to understand your current challenges, existing system configuration and process requirements.

Using that insight and applying our extensive experience of Xero and its supporting app stack, we will identify opportunities to maximise existing functionality and/or propose complimentary tools that will support your objectives.

Our Xero Optimisation workshops will give you:

  • Targeted support bespoke to your business
  • Improve the quality and consistency of management and financial information
  • Clarity over the right systems and technology that match your business’ MI and reporting objectives
  • Enhanced data to support strategic decision making

To explore the art of the possible and speak to a member of our team about a Xero Optimisation workshop that adds value to your finance function, please get in touch:


CASE STUDY: Mapping the art of the possible

The challenge:

  • Scaling rapidly, the business spent too much time on manual processes
  • Finance struggled to keep up with reporting requirements and provide strategic insight and challenge
  • Disparate data from various systems hampered informed decision making.

Our approach:

  • BDO ran a virtual workshop to map out what existing functionality could be leveraged within Xero
  • Complimentary tools from across the cloud finance and technology ecosystem were identified
  • Processes and workflows were optimised to streamline finance operations.

Tangible benefits:

  • Time: The finance team were able to significantly reduce hours spent on data entry and manipulation
  • Resource: The finance function unlocked productivity gains, freeing up the team to focus on value-add activities
  • Accuracy: Key management and financial information drew on relevant, linked sources of data from across the business.

Download our case study to learn how a growing ecommerce brand tapped into BDO support to optimise their finance systems.


Maximising productivity from your finance function

If you’re looking for further insights into ways to leverage technology and maximise productivity within your finance function, visit our ‘Rethinking the Finance Function of the Future’ hub.