Global Risk Landscape 2024

“What does not kill us, makes us stronger”

On 10th June 2024, we will be launching the 9th edition of our Global Risk Landscape report.

The focus of this year’s report will be the ‘antifragile’ mindset - this describes systems or processes that become more resilient when exposed to stress. An antifragile business mindset means seeking opportunity in disruption and turning risk into a competitive advantage. 

The Global Risk Landscape Report also examines the attitudes of 500 senior, global risk leaders to a range of evolving risks such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), geopolitical tensions and supply chains. More than just data, the GRL report offers practical takeaways for business leaders to help them adopt an ‘antifragile’ mindset.

For those who cannot wait, here are some initial findings for the GRL24 Report;

  • 84% believe the global risk landscape is now more defined by crisis than at any time in recent memory. Unpredictable and overlapping crises are reshaping the global risk landscape 
  • 74% expect the intensity of global conflict to increase. Business leaders see no end in sight to entrenched conflicts on multiple continents
  • Only 6% now see AI as a significant business opportunity. AI optimism has faltered, as theoretical opportunities give way to the very real risks of AI implementation

Is your organisation suffering from cyber risk fatigue?


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We survey 500 global risk executives about their challenges and plans to help us understand more about their risk landscape today.


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The Global Risk Landscape Report is based on a survey on 500 C-suite executives across Europe, MEA, APAC and the Americas, which tries to understand their approach to risk management and how they are responding to global events that threaten their businesses. 


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