• Food & drink: a resilient sector

Manufacturing | Food & drink sector insights

21 July 2020

The food and drink manufacturing sector has overcome many challenges through the COVID-19 pandemic, revealing it to be one of the UK’s most resilient sectors. The supply chain has endured huge strain but operators have responded well to dramatic shifts in consumer demand.

After a robust performance during 2019, food and drink manufacturing faced new challenges in 2020 as a result of COVID-19. Whilst many commentators were concerned about the availability of food and drink pre-lockdown, the sector has proved to be strong, resilient and able to go the extra mile to feed the nation.

On the whole, corporates in the sector continue to pursue strategies for growth, including acquisition programmes to achieve economies of scale, greater flexibility and improved market position to take advantage of areas of market growth.

In our report we explore the key drivers of growth, alongside some of the challenges that the sector is grappling with. Food and drink manufacturing has shown itself to be a highly resilient sector, a quality which underscores firm valuations and increasing levels of interest.