• Rethinking Resources

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Rethinking Resources

25 October 2021

An insightful and expert look at the trends and commercial and regulatory developments affecting the oil and gas, mining and renewable energy sectors. 

Podcast hosted by Martina Petrosino. Please get in touch if you would like to propose topics or comment on anything that’s discussed below.

Episode 6

A conversation between Women In Mining UK and BDO: the challenges for the Natural Resources

Following the BDO Natural Resources: the future workforce report we published in May 2021 on the attractiveness of careers in Mining and Oil & Gas for young people, I had a conversation with Grace Howe at Women In Mining UK, Louise Sayers and Rachel Scanlan at BDO around the need for more focus by the mining and other extractive industries on attracting young talent, with key themes being the need to raise awareness about these industries through schools and the education sector, more appropriate industry communication and role models.

Speakers: Grace Howe, Head of Membership Development at Women In Mining UK and Exploration Geologist at SRK Exploration Services, and Louise Sayers, Head of Natural Resources at BDO, and Rachel Scanlan, audit trainee at BDO graduated in environmental sciences and GenZ representative.

Episode 5

All hands on deck - hydrogen and batteries in the race to transport decarbonisation

A conversation hosted by journalist Jonty Bloom on the energy transition in the transport sector, focusing on the main point that it's not a competition between hydrogen and battery solutions - in order to achieve real progress and system-wide change, we need both solutions to work together. In this episode, we explore how this is already happening and some key developments in terms of public policy and private investments.

Speakers: Jo Bamford, owner of Wrightbus and founder of Ryze Hydrogen, and Steven Meersman, Founding Director of Zenobe Energy. 

Episode 4

Employment tax beyond CV-19 - what should Natural Resources companies look out for?

With global mobility slowing down due to COVID-19, both companies and tax authorities are having to adapt to new challenges. In this episode, we discuss some of these challenges and potential approached that companies can take to limit possible issues going forward. 

BDO Speakers: David Ogden, Share Plans & Incentives Director; Lee Coccaro, Global Expat Services Director; Rob Woodward, Associate Director, Employment Tax.

Episode 3

Powering mining through renewable energy – what does it take to make the switch? 

A discussion on the opportunity for mining companies to switch to renewable energy for powering their operations - an option that has taken more prominence across the industry over the last year.

Speakers: Matt Crane, Head of Mining at BDO, and Jules Smeets, Principal Consultant for Energy Storage (Middle East & Africa) at DNV GL.

Episode 2

The benefits and issues with co-location of renewables and storage

In this episode, we explore the benefits and issues around co-location of renewables and storage both from a technical and financial perspective.

Speakers: David Bevan, corporate finance director and Co-Head of Renewables at BDO UK and Matthew Rowe, Head of Department for Energy Storage at DNV GL.

Episode 1

How have Natural Resources & Energy companies fared over the last months and what can be done to strengthen future resilience?

A review of the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic so far on the oil and gas, mining and renewable energy sectors, with considerations on potential areas of focus moving forward for companies operating across these industries. 

Speakers from BDO UK: Louise Sayers, Head of Natural Resources & Energy; Ryan Ferguson, oil and gas and mining specialist; Matt Crane, Head of Mining; and Marc Reinecke, Head of Renewables & Power.