Recruiting independent members to local government audit committees

15 September 2021

Audit committees play a vital role in all sectors. In local government, given that taxpayers’ money is at stake, their role is particularly vital. However, ensuring that audit committees contain the breadth and depth of skills they need to perform effectively can be challenging.

Recognising the importance of effective audit committee scrutiny, the Redmond Review of 2020 included a recommendation that local authorities consider appointing at least one independent member to their audit committee. 

The benefits of appointing such independent members include the potential to upskill fellow elected members by knowledge sharing. However, there are potential challenges too, including increased costs and the difficulty of attracting individuals with the appropriate skills and qualities. 

We believe that Councils should give serious consideration to the recruitment of independent members, based on a sound understanding of any skills gap in their current audit committee. Click below to read more on this topic, including the potential benefits and challenges involved.     

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