Case study:

How we've helped

19 April 2013

We have used our many years of experience and practical understanding of running a motor dealership to developed specific products and services, these include:

  • Benchmarking
  • Strategy Review
  • Exception Focus Review
  • Internal Control Review
  • Detailed profit and loss and cash-flow models


Case Studies

We assisted a £50m-turnover dealership in a cost-cutting programme, identifying £1m in savings and returning the company to profitability. This was followed up with a re-financing exercise where borrowings were restructured to ease short-term cash-flow pressures, putting the client on track to achieve cost savings and budgeted cash-flow and profit forecasts.

A large multi-franchised group contacted us asking for assistance with their accounting function. We were able to source staff with motor trade experience at short notice and make process improvements and recommendations relating not only to month end procedures but also to the internal controls within the company.

We completed a profit and loss review for a £90m-turnover multi-site dealership. We were able to identify a combination of significant cost-saving and profit opportunities through the use of our Exception Reporting and Benchmarking products, to the extent that the dealership recovered the costs of the review over three months.