Motor 150 Report 2023

Motor 150 Report 2023

Motor 150 Report 2023

Rethinking Motor Retail – Riding the winds of change 

Record profitability has almost been a given for the past few years and figures for 2022 once again show a very good year, but what will 2024 bring? At present, the indications are definitely not more of the same.

In addition to revealing the aggregated performance of the top 150 groups in the UK, this year’s BDO Motor 150 Report looks at the range of factors that are causing a further shift in the landscape for motor retailers. We also give our perspective on:
  • the impact of agency to date 
  • the rise of foreign investment and ownership
  • the outlook, opportunities, and challenges that the sector will face in the coming years.

The report includes views from industry specialists and dealerships and importantly the top actions dealers should be taking now.

If you would like to discuss the report further or any wider sector issues, please contact Chris Bond, Head of Motor Retail or any of the motor retail team.



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