Motor 150 Report 2019

19 November 2019

It is a challenging time for the motor retail sector, continued uncertainty over Brexit and the political landscape are not helping. In addition, the sector is now dealing with a confused customer not knowing what type of vehicle they should buy. Whether it be Diesel, petrol, electric or hybrid? Or do they even need to own a vehicle at all. Mobility as a service means that the sector is in the middle of a significant level of change. This together with the press painting such a gloomy picture around the sector it is no wonder there has been a decrease in registrations and pressure on profitability.

As well as this year’s report revealing the aggregated performance of a study group comprising of the top 150 groups/companies in the UK motor retail sector, we ask industry specialists to share their thoughts on the current state of play in the sector and what the future may bring, including ways in which the government can support it.

We also take a look at the future of car usage, latest M&A deals, tax compliance and General Data Protection Regulation. 


If you would like to discuss the report further or any wider sector issues, please contact Steve Le Bas, Partner, Motor Retail team. 

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