Motor 150 Report

30 November 2015

The largest motor retailers are experiencing strong growth according to new research by the motor team at BDO LLP. The Motor 150 report, reveals the aggregated performance of a study group comprising the top 150 companies in the UK motor retail sector.

Our aim in producing the Motor 150 is to provide a considered insight into recent economic events and sector activity, the current and future dynamics of motor retailing, and to offer our professional views and advice for the future. Please contact us if you wish to discuss any of the topics raised in this report.


Motor 150 Report - 2015

The 2015 report shows results accelerating considerably from last year, with turnover totalling £55.2bn and profits before tax increasing 27% to an all-time high of £825m. Overall profitability of the top 150 has more than doubled since 2011. However, the overall margin remains tight at 1.5%.

Findings show motor retail is now attractive again for lenders and this, coupled with low interest rates, is helping to fuel the sector. The larger groups have significant cash balances, helping to drive acquisitions and disposals in the sector. Please download our latest report for more details.