PrivateView on Philanthropy

06 November 2020

PRIVATEVIEW is intended to highlight topics that may be relevant, or of interest to you. In this edition, we focus on philanthropy in a changing world. 

COVID-19 has presented society with challenges none of us could have prepared for. No matter how or what you have given in the past now may be the time for us all to ‘rethink’ our strategy, and the level of our engagement and contributions.

We explore the impact of COVID-19, some of the barriers that stop us giving more and ways to maximise our impact.

Philanthropist Sir Lloyd Dorfman has shared with us his charitable journey – from how it started to the current relationships that have developed organically over time.   

“Philanthropy is a privilege and a pleasure”

- Sir Lloyd Dorfman

Everyone’s reasons for giving are personal. Catherine Grum, BDO’s Head of Family Office Services, shares her thoughts about the benefits of giving and how to inspire future generations to get involved with family philanthropy.

Leading experts within our firm and industry have also provided the benefit of their knowledge and experience to help us gain a wider perspective.  If you have any comments, or would like further information, please let us know.

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