• The Worcestershire Growth Barometer 2017

    Is the county's growth strategy starting to deliver?


Worcestershire Growth Barometer 2017

04 October 2017

Bringing wider recognition to the progress being made across the county of Worcestershire

This, our second annual Worcestershire Growth Barometer, offers much to shout about. Our analysis of the county’s top 50 fastest-growing mid-sized businesses shows Worcestershire’s leading growth corporations picking up the pace on the back of a smart regional support strategy.

The findings are an encouraging early endorsement of the ten-year plan put in place two years ago by the Worcestershire local enterprise partnership, which has invested heavily in regional infrastructure since 2016. 

Another sign of the county’s business health is the number of corporate deals it has experienced. We’ve seen no less than 30 in the last year, with professional services, retail and manufacturing leading the charge.

As the business leaders and ambassadors profiled in this Growth Barometer reveal, there are still many areas where Worcestershire needs to up its game. Gaining access to talent remains a priority, and one which will not get any easier as Brexit unfolds. The investments in infrastructure, meanwhile, need to be kept up.

To put the current situation into perspective, as well as tracking progress in Worcestershire’s top 50 companies, this report also includes a unique scorecard for the county.

We hope you find it an informative and enjoyable read.