Industry Angles Podcast Series

Different perspectives on business issues

Industry Angles is a podcast from BDO which looks at different perspectives on topical business issues. Hosted by Jonty Bloom, each episode features industry experts who have diverse views on the show’s big talking point. If you’re looking for insight into current issues and practical takeaways around how others have tackled challenges, you’ve come to the right place.


Episode 3: Rethinking digital skills

With the acceleration of digital transformation, how is industry tackling the urgent digital skills agenda? In this episode, we explore digital transformation and how it is playing out, the impact of COVID-19 on skills training and development, the skills challenges businesses are facing and the government support needed to drive forward the right digital skills not only now but also for the future.

Our guest speakers are Tim Thomas, Employment and Skills Policy Director at Make UK, Dr Simon Farrall, Head of Apprentice and Associate Training at BMW Group UK, Dr Keith Schofield, Associate Dean: Future Students and Product Development at Aston University and Andrea Rodney, Director at Hone-All Precision Ltd.


Episode 2: Rethinking resilience

In this episode we discuss resilience what it is how companies can build it into their businesses and people. We explore the acceleration of digital transformation and how business can their people on that journey with them.

Our guests speakers: James Duez, CEO, Rainbird, an intelligent decision engine, Justin McCarron, Everyday Resilience, Resilience Coach for organisations and individuals, and Harry Dougall, Co-founder, Sagacity that helps organisations solve complex business challenges.


Episode 1: Rethinking the office

In this episode we discuss the role of the office and how offices will change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We explore attitudes to working remotely, the return to the office debate and the importance of office culture and transforming workspaces.

Speakers: Darren Comber, CEO of Scott Brownrigg, Katrina Kostic Samen, Head of workplace strategy & design at KKS Savills and Yvonne Hills, Client Director at Davitt Jones Bould.