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With one of the largest teams in the UK dedicated to working with professional services firms, our Audit, Tax and Advisory experts specialise in advising Legal, Recruitment, Property Advisory and Consultancy businesses.

We recognise industry leaders are having to find ways to maintain value whilst facing significant challenges to their operating, financial and commercials models - a war for talent, disruptive competitors, cyber threats and risk around investing in new technologies to name a few. This is in addition to evolving business models and blending the best old and new working practices post-pandemic to become sustainable businesses of the future. These challenges present both opportunities and risk for businesses, and our partners will listen carefully to your specific needs, delivering appropriate solutions and giving you confidence to help you grow your business.


Latest Updates

Basis period reform - time to change your accounting date?

We explore the tax and commercial factors which firms consider when they choose their accounting date and why now might be a good time to make a change.

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Pillar One and Pillar Two – implications for professional service partnerships

Pillar Two of the OECD’s Global anti-base erosion (GloBE) model rules could bring significant administrative burdens for international partnerships.

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Your Employee Value Proposition – can you make it do more for you?

Defining your Employee Deal, and making it as compelling as possible, is a business imperative. If you don’t get this right, you will need to run very hard indeed to recruit the best people. And even harder to keep them.

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ESG and leading change in professional services

Join our discussions to explore how businesses can embark on long-term change and embed ESG into decision-making and behaviours.

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Tax reasons your partnership needs a risk check

Keeping ahead of the game is the best way to keep costs under control and it’s no different when it comes to managing the tax costs that your partnership faces in the next few years. How is your firm dealing with current risks?

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IPO’s in Professional Services – a growing trend?

With strong institutional appetite to invest in the professional services space, we interviewed James Allen, Equity Research Analyst, from Liberum to find out what’s driving the interest in potential IPO’s.

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Professional Services Tax Webinars

Get expert analysis and advice on managing recent changes to International and UK tax.

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Notification of uncertain tax treatments

What do large professional services firms need to know?

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M&A activity remains buoyant in recruitment

While activity in the wider market is steadying, it’s proving to be another busy year for M&A within the recruitment sector.

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Revisions to the LLPs SORP – action required!

The revised SORP seeks to provide clarification and additional guidance and we recommend that all LLPs review their accounting policies in these areas.

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SRA steps up supervisory action in the legal sector

The legal sector is under spotlight for economic crime, with the SRA publishing its largest fine to-date to a law firm in early 2022. How can firms support the development and ongoing maintenance of a robust AML framework?

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Why is Private Equity drawn to the recruitment sector?

James Fieldhouse, M&A Director, explores why private equity is consistently drawn to recruitment companies, which some perceive to be intrinsically risky, given the business’s biggest asset, its people, leaves the building every evening.

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Have we reached the peak of soaring PII costs?

Rising PII costs has impacted all professional services firms from small to large. We interviewed Neville Miles, Partner from Lockton UK to find out more about why we’ve been in a hard insurance cycle and the future holds.

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IR35 Private Sector Reforms

The Government has reconfirmed recently that the new IR35 Private Sector Reform will go ahead as planned from 6 April 2021. Whatever implementation phase your firm is at, BDO has two market leading tools to help you prepare and manage the impact on your business.

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