Half the UK’s employed worked from home during the COVID-19 lockdown according the Office of National Statistics. Many employees want to continue working remote at least part of the time. Has your business adapted to this trend and are you planning to formalise working from home policies? Do you hope to attract talent with this new approach?

Find out more about tax implications, the compliance issues and managing the risks of employees working remotely or abroad.

There are a range of tax, finance and compliance factors to consider when employees are working from home or abroad:

Employee Benefits during COVID-19

Confident you are paying the right tax on employee benefits? Find out what has changed as a result of the pandemic.

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Using IT to your benefit to support a remote workforce

Get the basics right with this guide to using IT to support your people.

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Roadmap to risk management

Download our comprehensive guide to rebuilding business resilience across your business.


BDO’s Risk Assessment Tool – ensure you are prepared for what comes next

Agile and dynamic risk management helps businesses remain resilient during unexpected events. Use our Risk Assessment Tool to ensure you are prepared.

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Rethinking the workplace in the new reality

Find out how businesses have adapted their workplaces and which changes are here to stay.

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Rethinking the office

Listen to our podcast that explores attitudes of working remotely and the impact on culture.

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