Half the UK’s employed worked from home during the COVID-19 lockdown, according the Office of National Statistics. Many employees want to continue working remote at least part of the time. Has your business adapted to this trend and are you embedding a ‘work from anywhere’ policy? Find out more about tax implications, the compliance issues and managing the risks of employees working from home, remotely or abroad. There are a range of tax, finance and compliance factors to consider.


The future of international remote working

Businesses across the globe are reworking and reimagining their remote working policies.

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Have you considered the tax risks of your international remote working arrangements?

Employers need to be aware of where their employees are working to ensure that they are remaining tax compliant across the globe.

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Business ‘permanent establishment’ and home workers

With more employees working from home than ever before, a recent tax case on permanent establishment (PE) involving a German company could be significant for international businesses’ future contracts with local representatives.

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STORE: Short Term Business Visitors Toolkit

Buy our toolkit that assesses if a Short Term Business Visitors (STBV) arrangement is needed and includes all tracking and reporting obligations.

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STORE: BDO QuickTrip

BDO QuickTrip helps organisations manage tax and immigration challenges and growing business traveller communities.

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