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Business Restructuring services

Our approach is entrepreneurial and multi-disciplinary. You will have access to the right expertise and technical knowhow for your specific needs and situation. Nonetheless, members of our team do specialise in the distinct areas of business restructuring so that they can offer the best advice possible.

Please use the links in the list below to find out more about the specific services we provide;

Restructuring Advisory and Insolvency

Our goal is to return your business to financial health and avoid formal insolvency whenever possible. Our Restructuring Advisory and Insolvency team has a proven record of accomplishment of stabilising businesses. We provide expert commercial advice to businesses and their investors, creditors and, if need be, courts, that aims to protect and maximise value for all.

Our clients range from UK-based SMEs to multi-billion dollar international groups. We will act quickly and collaboratively to help you achieve the right outcome whether from a turnaround or a formal insolvency process, if that is the best option.

Our range of services assists our clients across the whole restructuring life cycle.  


A key to a successful turnaround is having the right information and an accurate picture of you business’s position. You can rely us to conduct the reviews of your situation that will help you make the right decisions. We regularly carry out Independent Business Reviews, cash/liquidity reviews, solvency reviews and monitoring and contingency planning for clients.


We also provide a range of advice on finance, restructuring, re-financing, strategic options, stakeholder engagement and value optimisation. This is where the industry and turnaround experience of our partner-led teams will deliver and maximise value.


We are also regularly appointed to act in all forms of formal insolvency processes.

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Cross-border and Contentious Insolvency

BDO have a dedicated team of insolvency and forensic specialists with considerable experience of cross-border and contentious insolvency assignments. We work closely with lenders and creditors, lawyers, governments, regulators and other stakeholders to deliver robust and pragmatic strategies that will maximise recoveries.


The Cross-border and Contentious Insolvency team focus on non-transactional appointments such as formal insolvency appointments arising under the Insolvency Act and similar appointments such as court appointed receiverships under the Senior Courts Act. We take appointments deriving from both UK and foreign legislation.

These assignments often demand a team with extensive international reach. We work with specialists from across the BDO International network, particularly for offshore insolvency appointments where a local appointee may be required.

Litigation is often the biggest potential asset within an insolvent estate. Our team has extensive experience in managing the funding and pursuit of litigation to maximise returns to creditors. This includes obtaining freezing orders and other interim relief, pursuing officeholder remedies such as antecedent transactions and misfeasance, pursuing claims of civil and commercial fraud and pursuing breach of contract claims. 

Asset tracing and enforcement

Formal insolvency appointments can often involve the use of forensic investigations and litigation to identify claims, trace assets and support the enforcement and recovery of court judgments and arbitration awards.

Expert witness

Members of the team also act as expert witnesses in insolvency-related cases, including disciplinary matters and professional negligence.

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Pensions Advisory

Our Pensions Advisory team includes both financial advisers and actuaries with significant experience advising in respect of defined benefit schemes sponsored by businesses in financial distress. Senior members of our team are licenced insolvency practitioners with experience gained on secondment to the Pension Protection Fund and major banks.  We have worked on many high profile pension-restructuring cases in recent years.

We act for a wide range of clients including pension scheme trustees and sponsors, vendors, acquirer’s trade unions, regulators and other pension stakeholders.

We also provide a full range of pensions advisory services in business as usual situations.

Pensions and restructuring

Successful restructuring situations involving defined benefit pension schemes require significant experience of the regulatory landscape. Our Pensions Restructuring team comprises highly experienced members of our business restructuring and pensions advisory team all of whom have extensive pensions restructuring experience.  We provide you with advice in respect of RAAs, CVAs, PPF plus compromises, support through accelerated M&A processes, and help our clients manage communications with key pension stakeholders. 

Pensions and transactions

Early engagement between the employer and pension stakeholders is key to effectively managing the pension obligations through re-financings, business disposals and reorganisations.  We help our clients understand the pensions-related impact of transactions on the pension scheme through the planning, execution and post transaction phases.  This typically involves us assessing the impact of the transaction, assessing appropriate mitigation and supporting our clients through negotiations with other key stakeholders. 

Pensions, regulation and disputes

Transactions and financial distress frequently lead to regulatory intervention and disputes.  We advise clients impacted through initial analysis of the facts, support through negotiations, prepare formal submissions and reports and act as expert witnesses. 

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Special Situations M&A

Our special situations M&A team have experience of acting for both buyers and sellers of businesses in stress/distress scenarios. With deep and extensive knowledge of and relationships with the international special situations investor community, we are able to help by providing optimal funding solutions to you and your stakeholders.

We act in both standalone and IP-in-waiting sales processes as well as offering debt advisory services with an emphasis on smaller deals and ABLs. We work directly with clients but we also take referrals from colleagues and others working in M&A and business restructuring, from IP firms, banks and Private Equity houses and funds.

The range of services that we provide includes:

  • Raising finance
  • Deal structuring
  • Operational due diligence
  • Contingency planning
  • Valuation support
  • Assessment of funding requirements and financial Modelling
  • Risk identification
  • Negotiation support
  • Post-merger integration     

To find out more about how we work with clients like you, please see a selection of our recent transactions.

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Corporate Simplification

Many groups have entities within their corporate structure, which are no longer required, for example, dormant companies or duplicate companies performing a similar function. Removing surplus entities can release capital, mitigate recurrent costs such as audit, accounting and tax compliance, and reduce wasted management time.

A transparent structure can also help manage business risk and improve corporate governance. For small businesses, shareholders are provided with the opportunity to take advantage of tax planning options such as Entrepreneurs’ Relief and Substantial Shareholding Exemption.

Whatever the scale of your business, whether owner-managed or listed, national or international, we provide, commercial advice focused on achieving the most efficient, cost effective and risk-free structure.

Our dedicated Corporate Simplification & Exits team will help you address issues of complexity, whether by simply eliminating dormant companies that are no longer required or undertaking a strategic redesign of the group structure encompassing active and holding companies.  We provide project management advice and support as well as technical advice to ensure your project is efficient and has sustainable benefits.    

We can also advise you on how to efficiently exit a non-core business either on a standalone basis or followed by an appointment as liquidators. A carefully planned exit is critical to managing reputational and financial risk as well as maximising the return to investors.

When undertaking a transaction, corporate simplification can also help simplify sell side due diligence and maximise value in a divestment. Post-acquisition, the elimination of redundant holding companies, dormant entities and duplicated activities can help maximise the value of an acquisition.


We are frequently work on solvent liquidations, Members Voluntary Liquidations (MVLs) and s110 re-organisations.

Our specialist Licensed Insolvency Practitioners are experts at dealing with the liquidations of corporate entities and fund structures including limited liability partnerships and corporate general partners of limited partnerships and also act as liquidator of listed funds in their liquidation or reconstruction.

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Personal Insolvency

BDO’s Personal Insolvency team works with both individuals in financial distress and their creditors.

Our debt advisory service for individuals is a practical and focused approach to reach a suitable financial solution for all stakeholders. We also provide advice and support to creditors in the recovery of their debts both prior to and after formal insolvency proceedings.

We maximise recoveries for creditors using our expertise and experience. We utilise our statutory powers of investigation in overturning asset protection schemes in formal bankruptcy appointments.

Our Personal Insolvency services include:

  • Appointments
  • bankruptcy
  • bespoke IVAs
  • sequestrations (Scotland)
  • remediation projects

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