Data protection managed services

Managed Data Protection Services

Are you struggling to maintain an effective data protection and control environment? Limited staff, inadequate knowledge, insufficient resources, siloed and fragmented data ownership and evolving regulations are all challenges faced by businesses like yours when it comes to data protection. At the same time, your business cannot afford to get data protection wrong; the financial and reputational consequences are too significant to ignore.

You need a holistic and proactive data protection strategy that builds a robust control environment. One that will ensure compliance and best practice, protecting your business. However, if you cannot deliver this in-house, you can choose to rely on our managed data protection service.

Your managed data protection solution

Our data protection managed services provide a holistic approach to data protection. An extensive global team, with specialists in UK, EU and other global data protection regulations and strong relationships with regulators around the world, will meet your fluctuating data protection demands. You benefit from a one-stop, cost-effective solution for global data protection.

Our Offerings

You can use us to provide comprehensive data protection services across your entire organisation or you can pick and choose the managed services that you need and that will address your priorities.

Maturity Assessments

Periodic health checks to measure your privacy and data protection program maturity and implementation against leading practices and regulatory requirements can be a very effective way to monitor progress. You receive a custom assessment that identifies gaps and facilitates the development of a program roadmap, and monitor compliance.

Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures which establish standards for how your organisation processes and protects personal information are the cornerstone of your privacy and data protection program. Your policies and procedures documents will be reviewed and updated to ensure that they reflect any changes to your business or the regulatory environment.

Records of Processing Activity

Leveraging processes and artifacts to systematically maintain your personal information inventory and develop or update your Record of Processing Activity. We combine insights and connectivity from other related efforts, such as privacy impact assessments, asset inventories, and data mapping to maintain consistency.

Training and Awareness

Custom privacy and data protection training, awareness campaigns and/or access to our Data Protection Academy to expand your organisation’s privacy and data protection knowledge and, where applicable, prepare for International Association of Privacy Professionals exams and certifications.

Privacy by Design

We will support your privacy and data protection teams to implement and facilitate Privacy Impact Assessments and other risk assessments, identify privacy and data protection risks, and advise on remediation options. We embed the resulting ‘Privacy by Design’ processes into IT development methodologies and vendor procurement to proactively address risk.

Individual Rights response management

Ensuring the right staffing levels to fulfil individual rights requests can be challenging given typical month-to-month fluctuations. Escalation points and standard response templates are established to maximise efficiency, improve quality and reduce overheads.

Our holistic fulfilment workflow reduces cost and automates as much of the process as possible. You receive metrics on a monthly basis.

Outsourced Data Protection Officer/Data Compliance Officer Support Services

For organisations that are required to have a Data Protection Officer (DPO) or a Data Compliance Officer (DCO), this outsourced model monitors personal data processing according to applicable data protection rules.

We assist with managing your DPO/DCO responsibilities; responding to escalated requests, raising internal awareness about data protection, creating and/or reviewing the data register and other compliance documentation as well as managing on-going compliance with data protection regulation. Acting as the DPO/DCO for numerous national and international clients, we are well versed and experienced in delivering DPO/DCO functions.


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