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We can provide solutions to ensure your people and culture are aligned to and support the overall success of your organisation. Whether is updating and re-aligning your people strategy, mitigating significant people risks or developing your leadership group, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Our solutions are framed around six core areas but we are flexible and agile in how we will help you address your challenges. You can find out more about our core services below.

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At the heart of every successful organisation lies the transformative power of human potential. It's the driving force behind unparalleled customer experiences, heightened employee engagement, and a sustainable competitive edge. We thrive on collaboration, working hand-in-hand with you to create a holistic people strategy that seamlessly aligns with your organisation's overarching ambitions.

Our approach involves a thorough examination of your HR processes, practices, and employer brand proposition, coupled with benchmarking against industry trends such as demand for future skills. Armed with new insights, you'll be empowered to make strategic decisions that optimise your workforce and attractiveness of your employee experience, driving sustainable growth and success. We're not here to just offer solutions; we're your partners in progress. 

For further information, please contact Zsolt Szelecki.

We address people-related risks by understanding your organisation’s overall risk management approach. We consider interconnected risk issues and any areas which interact with people related risk. 

Our broader risk understanding combined with our expertise will give you fresh perspectives on people risk as a risk multiplier. This understanding will enhance your risk mitigation by using potential synergies and improving cross-functional collaboration. Find out about our broader risk services here.

There are two further areas where we work with our clients to deliver offer deep, accelerated risk assessment and mitigation.

Embedding EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) by Design

We help organisations transform EDI concepts into actionable plans to embed DEI across your organisation’s activities. We also create a business case for it and monitor it to ensure that benefits are achieved.

Enhancing Safeguarding Maturity

Safeguarding is a statutory duty and one of the most significant risks any organisation may face. It should not be considered in isolation. We will help your organisation understand the safeguarding risks it is exposed to and provide advice, support and assurance. Our adaptive solutions enhance safeguarding maturity and support statutory compliance.

For further information, please contact Sarah Hillary or Dan Bonner.

Culture has been on the leadership agenda for a long time. Why is this more relevant than ever? What drives or should drive the interest in improving it? We have identified three major groups of triggers: Meet regulator and stakeholder expectations, Culture drives standards of ethics and compliance, Culture drives performance and resilience. Through our experience of developing our own Unifying Culture, our People Advisory and Culture experts can help you define and develop the culture you need for your business to succeed and deliver your purpose through your own Unifying Culture. We can support you at any point throughout your cultural journey. Our strategic partnership with Telos broadens our capacity and capabilities for mobilising the right expertise at scale.

Our culture solutions:

Culture understanding and deep dive. What is your current culture?

Our culture experts use our Unifying Culture model and methodology to help organisations understand their cultural strengths and challenges. This provides a solid understanding of the culture across the business and informs the choices and focus areas for an organisation's culture strategy. We also perform deep dives into particular areas of concern, for example, diversity and inclusion.

Culture maturity assessments - How effective is your approach to developing culture?

Using our culture development and maturity model, we can help you understand the maturity of your approach to developing your organisation's culture.The assessment identifies opportunities to learn and adapt your approach so that you can align your culture to your business purpose and strategy

Culture definition and Strategy What does your culture need to be?

The Unifying Culture model and assessment are used to define the desired organisational culture and strategy. This will include Board alignment on the ‘distinctive Choices’ for your business and where progress needs to be made against the ‘Fundamental Elements.’ We also assure you of the process you undertake to develop and embed your organisational culture.

Cultural Change and Transformation. How can you change and transform your culture?

Our culture experts help organisations deploy various tools and techniques to achieve and sustain culture change and transformation. We prefer focused actions with measured outcomes based on ‘emergent change’ methodology rather than large-scale programmatic change.

We also help organisations check if the culture change is working in practice and if the culture change journey is on track.

For further information, please contact Zsolt Szelecki or Ian Bennington.

Optimising your organisation

In an ever-changing world, attracting, retaining, engaging and managing talent has never been more challenging. Where change is the only constant, organisations must take proactive measures to optimise their workforce. Our Talent Solutions provides an adaptive approach that help organisations deal with their most pressing challenges relating to employee engagement, talent management and workforce skills. Our big differentiator is that we look at talent differently by combining our well-renowned risk methodologies with our talent advisory expertise. Our solution areas include:

  • Talent Risk & Advisory – A comprehensive diagnostic review of your employee/talent life cycle to help you understand your most pressing talent risks in relation to recruiting, retaining, developing, managing, and engaging your workforce.
  • Employee engagement and experience – Partnering with leading experts in the field of predictive analytics, we help clients understand the preferences of their employees at the individual level collected in real-time, enabling individual and macro decisions to optimise talent strategies and measurably improve outcomes for HR (such as cost reduction, improved employee retention & engagement).
  • Workforce capability –A data-driven approach to help ensure you have the skills required to achieve your current and future strategic objectives.

For further information, please contact Sam Seehra.

Leadership has never been more critical to meet the disruptive challenges of today’s business environment, from digital transformation and the emergence of AI to social and economic challenges. In these times, leaders must not only be authentic and empathetic but must embrace complexity to deal with uncertain and complex challenges. Our fully tailored leadership solutions help you develop leaders at every level of the organisation to face your current and future challenges. We offer fully customised leadership solutions that work across all levels of organisations, from mid-level or first-time managers all the way to C-suite and senior executives. 

We start by understanding your organisation inside and out to design and implement customised, scalable programmes that are fully tailored to meet leadership challenges.

We can deploy experts in assessment, leadership development, Board & team effectiveness and executive coaching with extensive experiences across multiple industries and functions.

  • Top Team Effectiveness - We partner with Boards, Executive and Leadership teams, bringing the best of team coaching, psychological insights, and facilitation skills to meet the demands of top teams.
  • Leadership Assessment and Development - Our assessment and development solutions provide objective and actionable insight in real-time to close capability gaps where it matters most.
  • Succession Planning - We effectively prepare organisations for leadership transitions. We identify gaps in leadership roles and help close the gaps.

For further information, please contact Judit Orban.

Optimising your organisation

Every organisation’s culture, context, and value drivers differ and require a collaborative multi-disciplinary approach to optimise sustainable performance.

We can deploy experts in digital transformation, risk management, governance, and data protection to ensure that your organisational design works at the micro and macro-operating model levels.

We enable effective organisation workforce solutions through a data-led approach that can model different design choice options. We can respond to your needs based on scale, complexity, and sector in which you compete.

  • Workforce check-up – A rapid assessment of your current workforce capabilities and organisation configuration using available people data. We deliver a set of data-led insights and recommendations for optimising your organisation's performance.
  • Annual workforce plan – An annual subscription-based service that consolidates all people, role and position data to deliver a 1–2-year workforce plan with recommendations for organisational design adjustments.
  • Workforce transformation –Taking a systemic data-led approach to analyse your current workforce capabilities and capacity to optimise your organisation for effective strategy execution.

Have you lived through major transformations where the people side of change management could have been so much better? We passionately believe that a change management approach needs to have the employee experience at its heart. We are framework- and tool-agnostic, as we think it’s vital first to understand your business purpose, culture, and strategic ambitions.

There are many drivers for change whether it be the need to reorganise a single function or business unit, right through to a more wide-ranging enterprise-wide transformation. What sets us apart is our expertise in developing approaches that address both the employees' needs and experience, together with the risk and compliance challenges that go hand in hand with complex organisational change initiatives.

  • Change review and advice – A rapid review of in-flight change projects/programmes either as part of an internal audit or for quality assurance and expert advice
  • Change management and adoption – We take the guesswork out of the people side of change management so that your business can realise the benefits of transformation on time and within budget.

For further information, please contact Mark McAleer.

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