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Businesses face a vast landscape of uncertainties including the climate crisis, the evolving socio-economic environment, geopolitical instability, changing consumer preferences and expectations as well as technological and digital disruption.

The COVID-19 pandemic showed that companies can adapt and be agile even when facing unprecedented challenges. The reality is that to be both agile and resilient businesses must have a robust understanding of their risk landscape and how to manage it. Effective risk management should also provide the critical insights that help drive strategic and commercial decision-making that helps you grow and protect your business.

When working with us, you can expect a view of risk management that is strategic, holistic and integrated. We do not focus solely on the downside of risk and work with you to identify the opportunities arising from your risks.  

ERM and Risk Transformation

In our experience, a successful embedding of risk management practices extends beyond the expected design and implementation of risk frameworks, operating models, policies and procedures. A critical component of success is a shift in mindset when considering risks – taking a step back to coordinate the linking of risk management to the strategic objectives of an organisation and embedding a pragmatic approach that reflects the rhythm of your organisation, its values and culture. 

Applying our enterprise risk management (ERM) and risk transformation approach, we will tailor an end-to-end risk service and solutions tailored to your vision, objectives and levels of risk management maturity. We can support you whether you are looking for best-in-class risk solutions or simply want to enhance and improve existing systems. Our main goal is to ensure that risk management enables and supports the success of your commercial realities and organisational culture.

How we can help you transform your approach to risk management

Our ERM and risk transformation team has deep and broad experience of designing, embedding and assuring effective risk management approaches. You will benefit from working with a team that understands the markets and industries you operate in and the challenges and risks you face locally and abroad. 

You can work with us to:

  • Assess and evolve existing approaches to risk management through risk maturity assessments, risk vision and strategy, guiding principles, strategic C-suite workshops, risk target operating model design and risk roadmaps
  • Understand your risk appetite and drive cultural and/or mindset changes
  • Provide coaching and knowledge transfer to your management teams and Boards
  • Design and implement risk management frameworks, target operating models and methodologies that meet the requirements of regulators and wider stakeholders 
  • Design and implement practical, cost-effective, and fit-for-purpose ERM solutions specific to your needs and operating model
  • Address all areas of risks across your business: governance, service delivery, processes, people and technology 
  • Make sure your risk management practices remain current and effective in changing environments and continue to support your strategic objectives
  • Transform your approach to risk management to drive better business outcomes

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Risk management technology

As stakeholder expectations of risk management and risk assessment increase, many board members and senior executives have come to appreciate the benefits of digital risk management systems. They appreciate that the right ERM technology will help their organisations:

  • Achieve clearly articulated goals and objectives
  • Use capital and other resources effectively and efficiently
  • Report transparent and reliable operational and financial data
  • Maintain compliance with the most recent regulations and laws

Our proprietary ERM software, RHIZA, facilitates and supports the process of effective and efficient risk management with a modular approach that fits with your organisational needs.

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