Contract and Commercial Risk Services

Mitigate risk and build supplier resilience in your supply chain with independent expert support.

Contract and Commercial Risk Services

Protecting you from financial and value leakage and supply chain failure 

Did you know that your contracts could be costing you as much as 9% of your revenue?

The World Contract and Commerce Association found that contract and commercial management weaknesses cost companies the equivalent of 9% of annual revenue*.

You must actively manage your contracts with suppliers if you want to improve the efficiency and resilience of your supply chains. You need a robust, commercially focused governance framework to manage these contracts throughout their lifecycle. The right contracts, on both buy and sell side, will give you a competitive advantage. 

Our team provides a range of services throughout the contract lifecycle to help your organisation mitigate risk and enhance value. You can draw on our specialist contract management team to ensure your contracts support your overall strategy through independent reviews and assurance. We can provide you with third party assurance for your most complex contracts, giving you insight and recommendations that improve supply chain resilience and mitigate against contract leakage and financial discrepancies. 

For example, we can help you create a supplier review framework. The framework will assist you in creating and maintaining healthy supplier relationships that mean you and your suppliers are driving joint improvements and innovations This can prove invaluable whether your supplier management is as straight forward as ‘expediting’ or whether you have regular, formal meetings to review ongoing delivery.

*As stated by The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM).

  • Contract Management Framework - Design and implementation 
  • Contract Performance Design and implementation 
  • Supplier Relationship Management 
  • Contract Risk and Contract Compliance Services including: 
    • Cost reduction and recovery programmes
    • Cost verification 
    • Supply Chain resilience monitoring
    • Contract Risk monitoring and assessment
  • Contract effectiveness management
  • Embedded contract audit programmes – expenditure and revenue 
  • Supplier Risk Profiling and Contingency 
  • Negotiation strategy development
  • Contract exit and transition programme management
  • Final account settlement
  • M&A: contract portfolio risk management and optimisation
  • Lessons learned and commercial improvement advice

Digital transformation of contracts including: 

  • Contract Lifecycle Management System Implementation Support
  • Commercial capability assessments and transformation
  • Contract Lifecycle Management Effectiveness Evaluations

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