Supply Chain Consulting

Get expert advice on optimising your supply chains, manufacturing and logistics.

Supply Chain Consulting 

Optimising your global supply chains and logistics 

Do you need more efficient and resilient supply chains? Are you expanding into new markets or integrating with a new merger or acquisition? Whatever supply challenges or opportunities you and your business face, we can help you achieve your objectives with technical expertise and pragmatic advice. 

We support businesses across a range of industries including retail, warehousing and transportation, manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceuticals. We work with organisations of any size and scale, from startups to large multi-national enterprises and non-profit organisations.

We put you and your business objectives at the heart of everything we do. We will invest the time to fully understand how your business and supply chains operate and then deliver a tailored solution. We take a holistic view of your supply chains to provide advice on any tax and compliance issues.

As key member of the BDO International network with firms in over 160 countries, we can deliver local expertise and support wherever you or your suppliers operate.

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Our approach to supply chain management

We use a range of tools to support our expert supply chain services and advice. 

Process Mapping

We use this visual communication medium to ensure there are no gaps in our process and that all aspects of a workflow are accounted for. We can then turn processes into Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and User stories, to better understand your business. 

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

S&OP provides an overview of your entire business to use in planning supply chain enhancements and improvements.


Our approach relies heavily on data. We will work with you to ensure that you are collecting, and using effectively, the right data to support your decision-making. We can also recommend technology and automation to improve the quality and timeliness of your business and supply chain data.

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Our Global Supply Chain & Logistics services

We deliver a wide range of supply chain services that can boost effectiveness and resilience in your business. Browse our range of services below.

If you need a diagnosis of what is and is not working well in your supply chains, you can commission a Supply Chain Health Check. 

We use a workshop to review changes to your supply chain environment and how your supply chain can be optimised and made more resilient. We will deliver personalised recommendations and advice on how to overcome any challenges specific to your supply chain, as well as how to deliver efficiencies and prepare for further change to your supply chain environment. 


Having a robust and well-though through supply chain strategy will ensure that your supply chains are designed and developed to be both efficient and resilient. 

Whether you are looking to increase capacity, relocate your operations, reduce inventory or select the most appropriate automation for your supply chain, we can help you design the right strategy to achieve your goals.

A data-driven understanding of the risks inherent to your supply chains is a cornerstone of resilient supply chain management. It enables you to identify any potential issues and focus your time and resources where they will make the biggest difference.

Assessing and managing supply chain risk can seem a daunting task. We can help you break the challenge down into manageable elements and use targeted audits and in-depth impact assessments to provide the high-quality data you need.

We can also support you in designing and implementing the processes and controls to manage any supply chain risks that you identify. 

It is possible to outsource the management of any part of your supply chains from transport and warehousing to customs clearance and route planning. The decision to outsource can be a difficult and emotive one, and the pros and cons will depend hugely on your business’ circumstances. 

We can help you evaluate the benefits of outsourcing your supply chain management so that you can find the solution that delivers the best performance. We also provide expert outsourced management of part or whole supply chains.

Packaging plays a key role in supply chains and logistics, but the environmental impact of packaging has recently come into sharp focus as a result the Plastic Packaging Tax and the UK Packaging Waste Regulations. A professional review is the first step to understanding and meeting your regulatory obligations on packaging.

Undertaking a packaging review with our help and expertise will enable you to reduce your environmental impact, bring down costs and make sure your business is complaint with evolving regulations. 

Supply chain management automation is an increasingly effective means of improving outcomes and reducing costs. In recent years, the E-commerce boom has been made possible by warehouse automation, and innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are driving further progress. Automation can help your business build efficient logistics networks, reduce waste, improve safety and provide real-time information that supports better business decisions.

Our experts can collaborate with you to determine how to make the most of the opportunities to introduce or develop automation across your supply chains and logistics. 

Recent global events have exposed the vulnerabilities of supply chains, both locally and internationally. Energy prices, material shortages, industrial action, geopolitics, environmental regulations all impact on supply chains across the world to the point where they disrupt business operations. As a result, we have seen a move towards shortening and diversifying supply chains in a bid to improve resilience. This is not without its own challenges.

Finally, while events around the world can have an impact, it is important to remember the importance of the “final mile”. This is the most visible and high-profile part of your supply chain and can have a disproportionate impact on your business’ brand and reputation.

We can review your current logistics solutions and help you to understand the options available to you in the market. You can also rely on us to map the skills and talent you need to support your supply chain management function and address any shortcomings.

Our Supply Chain and Logistics professionals provide stock count services internationally, tailored to optimise inventory management and enhance operational efficiencies. Our experienced team conducts thorough and accurate stock audits, providing real-time management information pre, during and post count. We advise on optimising your inventory levels and implementing cycle counting to minimalize disruption to daily operations whilst identifying short, medium and long term cost savings by embedding our Continuous Improvement lifecycle management methodology within your business. 

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