• Sustainability


Supported by the strength of the BDO international network, our experienced sustainability and climate change team can assist organisations in refining, implementing and managing their sustainability strategies.

For BDO, sustainability means the capacity for organisations to 'future proof' themselves and create short term efficiencies whilst delivering shareholder value into the medium and longer term. The sustainability agenda varies from sector to sector but typically covers environment, energy and social issues, some of which can impact upon business performance. The BDO Sustainability and Climate Change Practice has the experience to put the agenda in context and the expertise to focus upon issues that are relevant and important.

Our services help our clients to:

  • Build and protect brand value and reputation
  • Be operationally efficient
  • Improve competitiveness and retain existing clients
  • Manage risks and comply with regulation
  • Drive innovation
  • Recruit and retain the best talent


Sector experience

Because the sustainability agenda varies depending upon context, we draw upon BDO's experience across a wide range of industry sectors to focus our service offerings. We have strong firm wide experience including:

  • Real estate and construction
  • Food and drink
  • Consumer goods/brands – personal care and household products
  • Specialist manufacturing
  • Hospitality and leisure
  • Technology, media and telecoms
  • Public sector
  • Retail

Many issues that were previously seen as mid-term sustainability concerns are impacting the here and now. Changing market demands and increased regulation is creating a transition towards lower carbon, resource efficient goods and services. This evolution offers a mixture of risk and opportunity across all sectors.

Not only are rising energy prices often compounded by the cost of carbon and regulatory compliance but the ability to bring product to market at an ever more competitive price can be hindered by instability in commodity prices.

Alongside these market dynamics, there is an expectation that reporting will become more integrated and will comply with supply chain requirements. This can impact upon competitive positioning and stakeholder management. BDO understands that sustainability can be complex but our focus on context and materiality helps our clients to deal with those issues that are commercially significant:

  • Strategies for Sustainability
  • Assurance and Verification
  • Managing Risks and Creating Opportunities
  • Clean Technology and Renewable Energy Finance