Pensions scheme assurance services

Ensure your trustees are confident in their annual pension scheme audit.

We provide pensions audit and advice to all types of occupational pension schemes.  Our client base of over 330 pension schemes ranges from small defined benefit schemes with less than £1 million invested, through medium-sized hybrid schemes to large multi-employer schemes with assets of over £1 billion.

Why choose us?

We are a dedicated team that operates nationally. This is a team of experienced professionals who have chosen to specialise in this area and who are supported by staff from our wider accounts and audit service.

We engage with the Trustees and their advisers at an early stage every year to agree the audit plan and timetable. We ensure that their concerns are understood and are appropriately covered in the scoping of our audit work. We adapt our audit procedures to address specific concerns without reducing efficiency or adding cost to the audit.

Value added management reporting. Our approach delivers a more appropriate report to the Trustees with a focus on adding value. Our report will provide a commentary on the financial information to aid the Trustees in understanding their relevance and significance.

Our approach to fees is that of "no surprises". We agree a fee in advance every year and no additional fees arise unless we have agreed with you that there has been a change in scope. We want you to feel comfortable that you can contact us at any point without feeling that "the clock is ticking".

We do not rely on selling additional services to clients; our economic model requires each of our services to stand alone. In this way there is always clarity and choice for you.

Our pension audit team works closely with other disciplines across the business to provide Trustees with specific advice covering all aspects of pensions operation, including:

  • Risk management
  • Covenant review and assessment
  • Trustee governance
  • Investment advice
  • Tax compliance and advice

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