International Company Formation
and Secretarial

Whether you are setting up your business entities internationally or reviewing your approach to local regulatory compliance, partnering with us can deliver you peace of mind and visibility and assist your company in becoming a good corporate citizen on a global scale.

Many companies do not have a dedicated company secretary and can benefit from expert guidance and support to cope with ever-changing rules, regulations and best practice. Businesses also face a variety of challenges including a lack of management infrastructure, poor local knowledge, reduced visibility and a lack of internal resource. We offer a tailored approach to meet your business’s specific situation and needs.

Our global model uses knowledge from local BDO experts within each jurisdiction while always ensuring compliance and attention to detail. All this work is coordinated centrally by your dedicated global coordination team based in the UK. This is supported by leading technology platforms and you get full visibility through our online Client Portal. You can be confident we understand the issues you experience operating internationally.

We would be delighted to talk you about your international company secretarial needs. Please contact us to enquire how we can help.

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Our services include:

Entity set-up and Dissolution

Preparation of all documents required to set up a new legal entity and dissolution, managing the processes and local filings.

Changes to local Directors

Any additional work required under the local laws of each jurisdiction or by the business.

Maintenance of statutory registers

Maintenance of statutory registers and minute books.

Issue and transfer Share Documents

Preparation of all documents required to issue and transfer shares and any other changes to share capital.

Annual Minute Preparation

Preparation of annual minutes and resolutions to approve the annual financial statements by directors and shareholders and all other routine approvals, including the re-election of auditors and the re-appointment or re-election of directors and officers as required by legislation or company constitution and dealt with as part of the annual meeting cycle.

Ultimate beneficial owner registration and renewals

Any additional work required under the local laws of each jurisdiction or by the business, including:

  • Updating Company secretarial Database
    All set-up and ongoing maintenance documentation.

  • Statutory Corporate Secretarial Preparation
    Preparation and submission of statutory corporate secretarial returns.

  • Submission of annual financial statements
    Submission of annual financial statement to the local registry, court or chamber of commerce.

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