ONESOURCE Workflow Manager

A fully managed global compliance and reporting solution.

Underpinned by Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Workflow Manager (OWM), our fully managed global compliance and reporting solution delivers peace of mind, compliance transparency and a robust control environment.

As a high performance, web hosted solution, OWM supports your needs to manage and drive your global tax and compliance processes providing a comprehensive project and document management solution which can improve your control and operational efficiency.

OWM can be used to support our centrally coordinated approach or can be used to provide a stronger tracking solution which can be implemented to suit your needs, integrating with your internal compliance processes.

Alternatively if you simply require a stronger compliance tracking solution, our certified implementation team can configure an OWM solution to meet your needs.

Your business will benefit from increased visibility across the project, while tasks can be automated through a workflow engine enabling you to make strategic decisions and reduce service risks throughout the project.

ONESOURCE CALENDAR - automates Due Date Monitoring and Tracking of Tax-Related activities across multiple jurisdictions, ensuring you effectively manage your deadlines.

FILEROOM – manage and store all documentation online and in one location, improving management efficiency.  FILEROOM allows you 24/7 access so you can control and monitor anytime, anywhere.

ENTITY MANAGER – manage and store a centralised database of entity information, allowing tree views and search filters which allows you to quickly find the information you need.

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