Innovation and Growth Grants

Government grants are available to help businesses fund R&D projects. Applying for a grant can be time-consuming and complex but that should not deter you. Our team of experts will help you throughout the process of identifying the right grants, completing an application and submitting it.

How are Grants awarded?

Most grants are awarded based on the location and nature of your project. Successful applicants are those who best demonstrate their innovative ideas, within the framework set by the Grant provider.

Main Grant providers

This is a list of the main grant providers in the UK. These are predominantly regional agencies. There are also other industry-specific grant funding sources. Which grant organisations are relevant will depend on your location, your industry, the nature of your project and the ability to disrupt other sectors through the application of your technology into that sector.


Grant providers

Innovation focused

Growth/Job creation focused


Scottish Enterprise

Innovate UK


Northern Ireland

Invest NI

Innovate UK



Welsh Government

Innovate UK



LEP Funding Growth Deal

Innovate UK




(projects with an international collaboration or an impact at the international scale)

Horizon 2020







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