Sport COVID-19

When it comes to keeping your organisation up and running, knowing the right questions to ask and where to find the information you need can make all the difference.

This guidance has been produced by BDO LLP. Through our partnership with Sport England and UK Sport we have set up a hub to share with you our knowledge on particular challenges you may be facing at this time.

Each of the tiles contains guidance around key business areas that may have been affected due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Government guidance

Understand the government advice for your organisation and find out how to access financial support.

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Improve your cash flow by maximising tax breaks, VAT deferrals and Gift Aid opportunities.

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Operational finance

How should your organisation adjust plans, budgets and reserves during COVID-19?

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Maintain a controlled environment and limit fraud through segregation of duties, staff absences and home working.

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Information Technology

Stay cyber-secure during COVID-19.

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New VAT considerations arising from the COVID-19 outbreak

For many organisations within the sports sector, VAT is one of the largest tax flows. And for those that provide exempt sporting services, irrecoverable VAT can be a significant cost.

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Tailored support to help the sports sector bounce back after COVID-19

Find out how we are supporting Sport England and Sport UK funded partners navigate COVID-19.

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Rethink your finance and operations to prepare for the new normal

Maintaining liquidity through a periods of uncertainty. We analyse some of the key financial consideration and responses in managing financial risk.

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Strengthening defences against fraud risks

Sports organisations will need to rethink strategically their exposure to the risk of fraud

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Practical considerations to enable effective remote working

Organisations are seeing the potential of remote working, and have also become aware of vulnerabilities

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