Budget 2021

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The Chancellor’s Budget on 3 March 2021 will be his second dominated by COVID-19. So how will he protect incomes and businesses? Does the Government’s post-Brexit agenda have to take a back seat to supporting a post-COVID-19 economic recovery?

In an article first published by City AM we summarise a survey we conducted of over 1,000 businesses. We asked business leaders a wide array questions, ranging from how best to help the younger generation to how Business Rates should be reformed. We discovered that the business community accepts that it will need to play a key role in the post-Covid-19 recovery, but overwhelmingly believes that digital companies must do their bit and should be taxed on their online sales. Furthermore, Business Rates should not be scrapped, but instead needs fundamental reform. Finally, environmental taxes proved a popular suggestion, showing that those surveyed are very much thinking in the long term.

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