• New Economy

    A new economy is needed which can help the UK thrive post-Brexit

New Economy

We are living in a time of unprecedented change. Brexit, emerging markets, technology and regulation are changing the fundamentals of the way we live and do business particularly international business. But with great change there is also great opportunity.

At BDO we believe a ‘new economy’ is needed which can help the UK thrive post-Brexit by making the most of its mid-sized entrepreneurial businesses, by balancing growth by sector and by region and by ensuring open and simple access to world markets and global talent.

We are campaigning for policies that will help international businesses take root in the UK and help British businesses flourish abroad. As well as campaigning for the future we are also offering the practical expertise to help businesses now. Our Business in the UK – A route map guide is part of that and will tell you all you need to know about investing in the UK.

We want to kick-start a conversation and hear what is needed for you, your business and the UK to thrive.

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