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Added value throughout the REIT lifecycle

The UK is the 5th largest REIT market in the World with over 30 UK REITs as real estate businesses continue to join many of the largest and most successful listed property companies in the regime. Converting to REIT status is an attractive option through the exemption of UK tax on property investment income and capital gains – but there are strict conditions and requirements that need to be met.

BDO has specialist knowledge of Real Estate Investment Trusts having advised a large number of property companies launching REITs or converting to REIT status. We have acted as reporting accountant for 5 organisations entering the REIT regime and provide ongoing audit and tax compliance services to meet regulatory obligation and audit more AIM businesses than any other UK accountancy firm. Our extensive knowledge and technical expertise is reinforced by strong relationships with key specialists at HMRC, complementing our ability to deliver value through all stages of the REIT lifecycle.

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Through representation on the Committees at the European Listed Property Association (EPRA) and the British Property Federation (BPF) we keep UK REITs ahead of the curve on economic and regulatory impacts affecting their business.

BDO services include testing sponsor investment propositions, structuring funds, developing and implementing asset acquisition strategies, monetising real estate assets and dealing with the issues associated with the termination of funds and return of capital to investors.

Our Business Services and Outsourcing team also provide outsourced accounting services for a number of real estate clients including day-to-day accounting and management reporting, VAT, payment services and company secretarial services.

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