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AIM Directors' Remuneration Report 2019

26 March 2019

For the third year running, we have researched the remuneration of directors of AIM listed companies and over this time some interesting trends are becoming apparent.

CEO median total remuneration for AIM listed companies is £277k which is 15% higher than the equivalent figure for 2016 and is even higher when looking at a like-for-like sample of companies across the period. This is clearly considerably higher than that experienced by the average full-time employee in the UK and even the increases seen by other directors.

We are seeing a higher level of bonuses in 2018 than 2016, a positive trend with remuneration better reflecting individual performance.

Once again we found considerable variations in the level of remuneration depending on the size and profitability of companies and the industry sector they operate in. The biggest and most profitable companies, unsurprisingly, pay more than smaller and less profitable organisations. However the industry sector also impacts the level of remuneration with certain sectors consistently paying their directors more.

For the first time we investigated the differences in remuneration of males compared to females. In terms of the numbers of directors in our sample, it does not make good reading with only 10% being female. However female directors do compare better when it comes to their level of remuneration; for CEOs they earn 10% less than their male counterparts but for CFOs they earn 2% more, for Other Executive Directors they earn 57% more and for NEDs they earn 5% more. Interestingly a smaller proportion of female remuneration consists of bonuses and the very highest earners still tend to be male; for example 20 male CEOs in our sample earned over £1m in the year whereas not a single female achieved this level of remuneration.

Although this report can only provide a snapshot of executive remuneration at a single point in time, it will provide a useful benchmarking resource to allow you to compare your remuneration and that of your directors to your peers.


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