• 2021/22 Employers’ Year-End reporting – no relaxed deadlines

2021/22 Employers’ Year-End reporting – no relaxed deadlines

24 February 2022

Reporting the numerous sets of employee data that HMRC require after the end of the tax year is a major task for all employers to manage. There will be no COVID related ‘light touch’ from HMRC for 2021/22 returns - if you miss the deadlines you can expect to trigger penalties.

Although real-time reporting of PAYE has removed some of the year-end reporting burden, making sure you have accurate data ready in time to meet all the reporting deadlines is always a challenge - but BDO can help.

Employers must report any taxable expenses or benefits in kind provided to employees or directors to HMRC. They will also need to provide a copy of the P11D information to employees and directors. Finally, you will need to pay any tax/NIC due. The deadline for submitting P11D information to HMRC and to employees is 6 July.

Take a look at our P11D software.

If you operate a share plan or there has been any type of equity transaction, involving UK employees or directors you will almost certainly have to submit a return to HMRC. The annual deadline to submit a return to report all transactions in Employment Related Securities (ERS), also known as Share Plan Reporting is by 6 July.

Gender Pay regulations now require private sector employers with more than 250 employees, at company or entity level, to publicly report a range of gender pay information and six GPR ratios by 4 April every year. Slightly different dates apply to public sector employers who must report by 30 March each year. Read more here.

Short Term Business Visitor toolkit – our one-stop self-service option enabling clients to review the requirements and provides access to all the material that is needed to make an application and annual reports. Use our toolkit to understand the scheme and to handle the relevant requirements yourself.

BDO assisted Business Traveller compliance reporting – our Global Employer Services specialists can guide you through the process from review of your traveller population, to assessment of the requirements and eligibility for a Short Term Business Visitor Agreement and the application and reporting as required.

We recognise that businesses and organisations remain focused on managing the current challenges of the market. However, it is critical to look forward and understand how other key events will affect situations in the coming months that will support growth and resilience. By understanding how each of these may affect business, appropriate strategies will need to be in place to navigate through any threats and opportunities. Use our interactive business timeline to look ahead at what’s coming next.