Bespoke BDO Customs training at zero cost to your business

21 October 2020

Many businesses may not be aware that the UK government is offering grants to companies to cover customs training. BDO's dedicated Customs Duty team have been successful in helping clients to obtain 100% funding for training provided by us. Costs are fully covered, up to a maximum of £1,500 for each employee on the course, allowing us to offer formal training to any number of participants at zero cost for you.

The grant will provide funding for training that provides employees with skills to:

  • Complete customs declarations or other declarations required to complete customs processes in the UK or EU (such as safety and security declarations).
  • Manage customs processes and use customs software and systems.

Is your business eligible?

Businesses based in, or with a branch in, the UK can apply for the grant. Businesses need to register as soon as possible; applications will close on 30 June 2021, or earlier if funding is fully allocated.

Training will prepare businesses for the impact of 1 January 2021, when we will see far reaching changes to the way in which we move goods between the UK and EU.  This training will help businesses fill current customs knowledge gaps, increase compliance, identify and take the necessary steps now to be prepared for 2021.

Our team can assist with wording, team information biographies for your application. Training programs cover all areas of customs planning and compliance for global businesses and will be customised to fit your needs.

Don't miss this opportunity for tailored Customs training delivered by BDO at no cost to your organisation.

Contact our team to book your training