Customs Brokerage service

17 May 2022

Take the complexity and risk out of importing and exporting goods between UK and the EU. Use our accurate and cost-effective customs brokerage service to complete, review and submit your customs declarations.

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Our team of experienced customs brokers and agents, experienced freight forwarders and tax specialists will facilitate the customs clearance process, keep you compliant and reduce the burden of paperwork.


Be confident that all Customs Declarations are complete and correct with full reporting and management information.

Competitive Pricing

Pay competitive fees for a service that is already saving you time and money through its accuracy.


Use an expert customs brokerage team that identify risks and opportunities, manage issues with HMRC and provide expert tax advice when you need it.

Our service ensures that your customs declarations on all imports and exports include the necessary data such as commodity code, value and origin status. Your customs declarations are submitted to HMRC using their CHIEF platform with C88s/E2s provided within 24 hours of HMRC acceptance. You also receive comprehensive reporting and management information on all processed customs declarations.

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The benefits of our Customs Brokerage service

You will be working with recognised customs brokerage and freight experts who do more than fill out customs declarations. We have a deep professional understanding of the complex regulatory requirements you are dealing with.

We focus on quality and accuracy so that every customs declaration is completed correctly and on-time avoiding costly delays or penalties.

Your customs declarations are submitted using a market-leading software package that stores, tracks submissions and interfaces directly with HMRC’s CHIEF software. You benefit from a seamless and efficient process.

You will also have access to our quarterly webinars on international trade and compliance. Find out what is changing in how customs declarations are handled and learn about best practice from market-leading customs experts.