Public to private transaction insights

The interest of private equity investors in public companies has been on the rise over recent years. Of course, the public to private (‘PTP’) is nothing new and has been around for many years with waves of activity levels. 2019-2021 were robust years for PTP transactions before a dip in 2022. There was a strong pick up in 2023 with more than double the number of PTPs announced by the end of October 2023 than for the whole of 2022. With the current investor sentiment in the capital markets, we expect this trend to continue.

We have undertaken detailed research into PTP deals and published a report looking at the trends and the drivers, how these transactions work, and our deal experience.

We would like to hear from you about the report, if you want to get in touch or provide feedback, please contact John Stephan.


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Jamie Austin

Jamie Austin

Deal Advisory Partner, Head of Global Private Equity, National Head of Private Equity and Co-head of Life Sciences