Forensic Technology Services

An experienced forensic computing team in data identification and analysis.

We have extensive experience in guiding clients through all phases of the electronic disclosure process, from information governance through to presentation in court, in a timely and cost efficient manner. We combine our vast experience with state-of-the art technology, and we continually strive to make this complex and labour intensive aspect of litigation as simple and effective as possible.

Global reach

We have linked forensic technology capabilities in 17 centres spanning each continent. We share knowledge, tools and processes globally across the team to ensure a consistent approach following best practices, including local best practices. This enables our teams to assist you with your multi-jurisdictional forensic collection, analysis and eDisclosure needs.

Our Forensic Technology Services include:

  • Data scoping/mapping
  • Defensible forensic data collection
  • Data interrogation, including forensic image analysis of personal computers, servers, mobile devices and other data sources
  • Processing and hosting of data for electronic disclosure
  • Application of and consulting on cutting edge technology, including Technology Assisted Review and continuous machine learning
  • Expert witness services and trial support
  • Backup and archive data restoration
  • Structured data analytics
  • Social network intelligence analysis

Data analytics

We take a consultative approach in assisting our clients by applying the appropriate tools and methodologies to achieve the best outcome. This includes using data analytics at any stage of an engagement, for example to target data collection, optimise keyword search strategies, or interrogate large volumes of transactional data to identify potentially fraudulent or duplicative transactions.

We also have extensive experience of offering and supporting technology assisted review tools ranging from Relativity analytics right through to the next generation of analytics, Brainspace.


Our team uses market-leading processing software to allow indexing and analysis of large data volumes. This stage allows our clients to quickly cull irrelevant data, produce detailed reports on data content and estimate future costs, time scale and resources required downstream.

BDO partners with Relativity, the World’s most used document review tool. Relativity can be accessed securely across the globe and as required can be deployed remotely. This review tool is intuitive to use and supports both small and large review teams reviewing anywhere from a few gigabytes of data to multimillion documents. The dashboards allow the review manager to understand clearly the workflow and timing / resources that will be required to get the job done.

BDO’s eDisclosure team also works closely with a reliable and trusted review provider, as required, in order to provide where preferable for clients a full and seamless managed review service. In these circumstances our team can effectively independently manage the review, providing regular reports tailored to your needs and quality control processes to ensure that you can trust the results.


We understand that document disclosure may not be the end of your matter. We also have relationships with court presentation and trial support providers. Evidence bundles can, and often do, require change throughout trial and we can work together with you and your chosen provider to ensure that changes and updates are carried out in an accurate and responsive manner at this crucial time. We are also able to act as expert testifying witness to any of the forensic technology services in which that we have been involved.


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