Forensic Accounting Services

Helping you tackle fraud & financial crimes and resolve commercial disputes.

Forensic Accounting Services

Your forensic accounting team

Working with us means working with one of the most successful, experienced and innovative forensic and dispute advisory practices in the UK. We have earned our reputation by delivering value for money and helping clients like you achieve the best possible outcomes.

The forensic and dispute advisory team includes lead practitioners in dispute resolution, valuations, SPA advisory professional negligence, fraud, investigations, financial crime and anti-corruption, competition, and forensic technology.

You will have access to a full and comprehensive range of forensic and dispute advisory services that we tailor to your specific needs. We work closely with colleagues across BDO’s UK offices and sector teams so that you benefit from our local and industry knowledge. The team is also a key part of BDO’s international network, operating from over 1,700 offices in more than 160 countries.

Our clients range from companies, professional firms and private clients to regulators, enforcement agencies, governments and not for profit organisations, both in the UK and overseas.

We look forward to working with you. Get in touch for a no-obligation conversation about your needs and challenges.

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Our forensic services

We can provide you with a full and comprehensive range of forensic services. All members of our team are specialists in their chosen field but we approach your challenges in a holistic way, meaning we will bring together the specialists and services you need, including from across BDO’s international network.

Forensic Accounting and Commercial Dispute Resolution

Our Forensic Accounting and Commercial Dispute Resolution team are specialist forensic accountants and economists.  We help to quantify loss or financial exposure across all industry sectors and jurisdictions. We support our clients and their legal advisers in all stages of the dispute process.

Financial Crime and Fraud Investigations

Our Financial Crime and Fraud Investigations team provides a range of investigative, asset-tracing and asset recovery services. We will help you to establish liability, trace misappropriated assets and mitigate the impact of financial and economic crime. When investigating fraud or suspected wrong-doing, accounting "black holes", regulatory breaches, employee misconduct and other financial crime, we assemble multi-disciplinary teams tailored to successfully completing your engagement.

To minimise the chances of you suffering a recurrence, our risk specialists develop and implement tailored fraud and corruption prevention measures aimed at protecting your businesses against the threat of financial crime.

Our team regularly conducts large scale, complex financial investigations for the UK's leading law enforcement, prosecution and regulatory agencies, as well as for major law firms, banks, international corporations and foreign governments.

Forensic Technology and Computing

Our highly experienced Forensic Technology and Digital Collections and Investigation team is at the forefront of providing forensic technology services. They combine a wealth of knowledge and technological expertise to provide technical solutions and support to investigations, litigation and arbitrations, globally. The team assists with the capture and recovery of electronic data for both investigation and review, and in a manner that ensures it is admissible in both criminal and civil courts of law across different jurisdictions.

We also provide full electronic disclosure ("eDisclosure") using our Relativity platform and combine this with early case assessment tools powered by AI.

Specialist Forensic Services

In addition to the core forensic services described above you can also rely on our full range of additional specialist forensic services.

Forensic M&A Services includes our specialist services in relation to M&A transactions and Share Purchase Agreements (“SPA”). Our experienced team work on both pre and post deal matters involving breach of warranties, completion accounts, locked box accounts, leakage disputes, earn-out and deferred consideration, contentious valuations, Warranty & Indemnity (W&I) insurance claims and independent expert determinations.  We can act in an advisory capacity or as expert witnesses.

Expert Witness

Our team have considerable experience of acting as experts and providing evidence in UK and overseas civil courts, insolvency, international commercial and investor-state arbitration tribunals, criminal courts and regulatory investigations.

Our expert witnesses have provided expert opinions on quantum or professional negligence in hundreds of cases. They are supported by a team of specialists who combine forensic accounting, audit and industry experience.

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