• Forensic Technology Services

    An experienced forensic computing team
    in data identification and analysis

Technical efficiency, Evidential integrity

BDO has a dedicated and highly experienced forensic computing team with a personable approach and the insight to overcome the most challenging technicalities in data identification and analysis.

We are at the forefront of forensic investigation and review, with a wealth of knowledge and technological expertise to provide the right technical solution and support to your case.

We have Technology Forensic Services capabilities across the Globe. These partners and staff are also experts on local regulatory and cultural issues. 

Our Forensic Technology Services include:

  • Forensic digital data collection and preservation
  • Forensic data analysis and Expert opinion
  • Corporate network systems
  • Mobile device analysis
  • Cloud-based data identification and investigation
  • Backup & tape archive system restoration
  • Structured data analytics
  • Social network intelligence analysis

eDiscovery & eDisclosure

The BDO Forensic Technology team are very experienced in the field of eDiscovery, eDisclosure and digital litigation support.  Using state of the art data processing tools we are able to present data for review using the secure online review platform ‘Relativity’. This means that wherever you are in the world, as long as you have access to the Internet you can review your data.

These services can be provided from beginning to end of a case, or where required, we can prepare previously captured data for review in other review platforms hosted externally.

This might be used for a firm involved in inter-company litigation, where external lawyers are analysing data to determine the strength, validity & extent of the claim(s), or receiving disclosure from the “other side” as part of an ongoing case.