Donor Organisational Capacity and Learning

International institutions and donor organisations need to ensure that they, their projects and delivery partners have the organisational structures and capacity to deliver the desired outcomes. This entails identifying and addressing any weaknesses. We have an extensive track record of delivering organisational reviews and risk advisory work for donors and recipients of donor funds. You can then use our training

Pre-award assessments and due diligence

Before providing funding to a new project or implementation partner, many of our clients turn to us for advice on whether the recipient organisation can manage the funding effectively. Our pre-award assessments provide information on an organisation’s systems and capabilities as well as identify what needs to be done before and after a financing decision is made. This gives our clients the comfort they need to distribute their funds, while helping them build the capacity of the implementation partners.

Review of internal structures and organisations

Our clients often ask us to review their own organisational structure, with a view to assessing performance and identifying potential efficiency or effectiveness gains. We have evaluated workload distribution, organisational design and workflows, using methods ranging from document reviews, data analysis and benchmarking, to interviews with key stakeholders and focus groups with staff. Our reports include key findings, recommendations and systems to measure performance improvements and efficiency gains.

Evaluation of specific methodologies or processes

We have been engaged by clients to review a variety of internal methodologies and processes. These have included procurement, grant-management, performance measurement, assurance, stakeholder management and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) processes. We provide bespoke and proportionate best-practice recommendations for improvement.

Risk advisory

We have global experience in providing risk management services to a variety of high-profile international public sector organisations. This has meant close collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders, including Senior Management, Board Members, Audit Committees, and diverse staff from across the organisation.  Our risk advisory team deliver expert advice and capacity building to develop and embed risk management policies, guidance and culture.

Green and environmental consulting

Over the past 5 years, we have extended our green consulting credentials to include specific experience within forestry and marine programmes, natural resource governance, carbon reporting and initiatives within the extractives industry. We can also bring in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) technical experts from across our firm and BDO international network to support with reporting preparedness and verification.

Good Financial Grant Practice (GFGP) Certifications

We contributed to the design of the world’s first accredited standard for assessing a recipient’s systems for managing donor-funded programs – the African Regional Standards Organisation’s ‘Good Financial Grant Practice’ standard. We hold a global license for the certification of entities against all tiers of this standard.

Training and Development

As part of our solutions tailored specifically to the needs of organisations who work within the international public sector and donor communities, we provide a comprehensive range of training courses and learning activities in the field of finance, audit and internal control.

Our learning and development solutions are designed to answer the needs of your staff in their professional development. Our programmes provide a collaborative and stimulating environment for learning, contributing not only to the personal growth of your employees but also adding value to your organisation. Our diverse group of experienced learning and development experts enrich this experience through their systematic use of relevant case studies, exercises and examples, encouraging the exchange of knowledge.

We have bi- and multi-lingual trainers, with a wealth of expertise in their subject matter areas, who cover the following core topics:

  • Accounting
  • Internal audit
  • Accounting and auditing standards
  • Internal control and risk management
  • Ethics, integrity and fraud awareness
  • Grant management and assurance
  • Procurement
  • Business continuity management
  • Document management
  • Data protection
  • Quality management

We design and deliver training to meet our clients’ specific needs. This can be classroom-based, remotely delivered or hybrid training courses and workshops, as well as one-to-one or small group coaching sessions and e-learning solutions.


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