Grant Recipient Assurance Services

Receiving grants from UK or international donors is an important step towards development and growth for organisations.

However, it often comes with an extensive set of rules and criteria mandated by donors that organisations must follow. Failing to meet the criteria can put the organisation at risk of not receiving further funding and in worse case scenarios, having to refund some or all of the grant.  

Donors frequently require grantees to engage an accountant to review the project expenditure before submitting their claims. The work of the accountant is documented in a report, sometimes known under different names such as reasonable assurance reports, certification of expenditure or independent accountant reports. This report must often be submitted alongside the grantee's claim before any payment is made.

Our team has extensive experience in delivering reasonable assurance reports to grant recipients, so we can assist your organisation, responding to a variety of UK and international donors across a range of reporting requirements. Our experts deliver reasonable assurance reports to grantees receiving funds from a wide range of donors such as Innovate UK, UKRI, and other UK donors, as well as the European Commission.

Our services include the delivery of:

  • Independent Accountant Reports (IAR) under ISAE 3000 
  • Other types of reasonable assurance report under ISAE 3000
  • Certificate on Financial Statements (CFS) under ISRS 4400
  • Other types of agreed upon procedures engagements under ISRS 4400

We also have extensive experience in providing other types of services to grant recipients and are happy to discuss your specific needs.

Independent Accountant Reports (IAR)

Our team works with Innovate UK grant recipients who need to submit independent accountant's reports alongside their claim(s). The frequency at which IARs must be submitted will depend on your project, and your Monitoring Officer will be able to guide you. We have experience providing IARs to a wide range of clients operating in different industries, from newly incorporated web design startups to group companies in the aerospace industry. 

We understand the importance of a high-quality, timely delivered Independent Accountant's Report to ensure no disruption in funding and project delivery. 

Certificate on Financial Statements (CFS)

Our team has extensive experience providing Certificate on Financial Statements to grantees over the years. We have been providing services to both EC grantees and the European Commission for decades and have a deep understanding of the Horizon Europe Framework. 

We understand that Horizon Europe projects can lead to several organisations incurring costs in many different countries. Our team is truly international, and we are able to use our network of experts to ensure we speak the right languages.

We are committed to deliver in a timely manner as we understand the implications of late delivery of CFS can have on your organisation.

Other types of reasonable assurance reports and Agreed Upon Procedures

Our team provides reasonable assurance reports under ISAE 3000 and agreed upon procedures under ISRS 4400 on an ongoing basis to multiple  organisations receiving funds from various UK donors. 

Our expertise is not limited to UK grants as we have extensive experience working with grant recipients receiving funding from the European Commission. We speak more than 90 languages and work with organisations managing projects around the world and in different languages. 

We are confident that we can mobilise the right people at the right time to ensure you meet your donor's requirements and can focus on what truly matters to you. Please contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help your organisation. 

“BDO is good value for money, a solid knowledge of the EU environment and a timely and full production of deliverables.”


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