• International Projects Group

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International Projects Group

BDO’s International Project Group (IPG) is based in London but focuses exclusively on assignments in developing nations, emerging markets and transition economies.

The team work on multi-disciplinary, multi-year, multi-million dollar technical assistance projects funded by the international community of bi- and multi-lateral funding, or “development partners” including the World Bank, UN and Department for International Development.

We are committed to promoting and encouraging sustainable development. The vast majority of our work contributes to delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals and Poverty Reduction Strategies. We contribute to the capacity building that many organisations in developing countries and emerging markets need.

We focus on local priorities and challenges while applying ‘best international practice’ to help deliver sustainable solutions. For the private sector, the challenge is to operate profitably in an increasingly global and competitive marketplace. For the public sector, the focus is on encouraging the efficient and transparent planning and provision of value-for-money services.

Our team combines recent practitioner experience in relevant OECD institutions, extensive developing-nation consultancy expertise and an acute appreciation of the local political, economic, financial and social issues in the country where we work.

IPG provide technical assistance and assurance for a wide variety of projects, including institutional development and capacity-building in public financial management (PFM), public sector external and internal audit, and MSME development (including value chains and clusters). We also provide Monitoring Agent services, undertake grant management assignments and carry out due diligence and feasibility studies in support of FDI.

We are a leading provider of institutional development and capacity-building support to Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs), with on-going or recently-completed multi-year Technical Assistance assignments with the SAIs in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Liberia, Palestine, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Swaziland and The Gambia.

IPG has an extensive 30-year track record of successfully completed assignments in Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean. IPG has developed a particular expertise in delivering practical and sustainable solutions in fragile and conflict-affected states, including Afghanistan, Palestine, Somalia, South Sudan, Sierra Leone and Liberia.