International Expansion

When you are planning to expand your business into a foreign country, it is important to understand how it will affect your tax position and choose appropriate structures that align with your commercial plans.

We have the expertise and the local knowledge to help you understand how foreign entities such as companies, partnerships or branches compare to their UK equivalents. For instance understanding how they are taxed both overseas and in the UK.

You will also need to consider the tax implications of the funding for new international ventures and how new ventures fit into your overall business model. Again, with the support of BDO’s international network and our colleagues around the world, we will help you navigate these complex questions so that you can achieve the optimal outcome.

Once an approach is been agreed, we will assist you with implementation and subsequent compliance obligations.

Cross-border M&A

Your international business strategy may also rely on acquisitions and disposals. Tax is a critical part of M&A and can have a huge impact on the value of a deal if not handled carefully.

Our international tax specialists have extensive experience of cross-border tax due diligence, where we coordinate BDO experts in each relevant country to review and evaluate your target’s tax position. Naturally, we also advise you on the tax aspects of your acquisition structure as well as post-deal integration of the target. We act for listed groups, privately-held companies and private equity houses.

We assist vendors to prepare for a disposal as well as assisting them throughout a deal with all and any tax issues arising from the deal.

We will collaborate closely with your financial and legal advisors throughout a deal. Our experience has shown us that this delivers the best outcomes for you.

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Global Tax Outlook 2023

Welcome to the 2023 edition of BDO’s Global Tax Outlook.

Tax has an ever increasingly important role to play in how the globe, region, and each country, confronts the turbulence in the global economy over the coming years. Global Tax Outlook 2023 reveals some clear trends, threats, and opportunities, that are emerging in the tax-world.


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