Data assessment & tax data solutions

You can achieve significant benefits through a deliberate strategy to extract, transform and cleanse any data used for tax purposes. You can benefit from significant resource savings and be more confident in the accuracy of your data by adopting automation technologies for routine manual tasks.

We will help your employees and business leaders to gather share and analyse tax data more easily. They will quickly appreciate the advantages of an approach that uses technology to engineer tax data at source. This should also release your tax and finance teams to provide greater value-added services and become strategic partners for the business.

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How we can help

If your business is facing challenges due to one of the following, we can help.

  • Implementing a new ERP system or changing an existing source system and including tax requirements in the design
  • Manually manipulating data and managing reporting issues
  • Planning or undergoing a finance transformation
  • Acquiring or merging with another company
  • Archiving data or decommissioning legacy systems
  • Managing headcount turnover in the tax team
  • Addressing audit deficiencies
  • Employing a tax analytics dashboard to evaluate your total tax liability
  • Need to reduce cost
  • Need to speed up your processes

 Tax Data Automation Solutions

By leveraging our experience with ERP systems, financial consolidation software, data mining and cleansing tools, robotic process automation (RPA), and data analytics, we design and build solutions that automate and streamline tax data processes. We help businesses:

  • Design, configure and test global direct and indirect tax requirements during an ERP or financial consolidation system implementation
  • Enhance tax source data, optimise reporting and reduce manual data manipulation
  • Provide end user training on how to extract data for tax reporting
  • Implement tax RPA technologies to automate tasks like data collection, information logging, PDF extraction and email generation
  • Build tax data wrangling and data mining tools leveraging software such as Alteryx to create into usable datasets.
  • Transform data coming from third-party direct or indirect tax solutions to supercharge and customise tax deliverables
  • Design tax reporting outputs and create personalised tax dashboards, for on-demand and accurate management reporting, using Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Power Apps

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