Process Assessment & Design

The key to meeting your tax obligations is the have well thought out and workable tax processes. No amount of tax technology can overcome an inefficient or ineffective process.

Thinking strategically about tax processes and applying a risk-based approach maximises the effectiveness of finance and tax teams, drives accountability and reduces waste. Our approach is to build a robust tax delivery model that creates value and can be incrementally enhanced over time.

We begin our work with you with a current state assessment and whiteboarding session to review the foundations of your tax systems. Together, we will review your existing processes, source data, data transformation, flow of data to tax engines, deliverables, timing, and formats.

This approach helps us identify and address any problems and opportunities for improvement so that we can engineer an optimised and comprehensive process for all tax deliverables. We will consider the impact of any innovative technologies that you have under consideration or are already using.

Our end-to-end assessment process and design is scalable. It includes;

  • Streamlined data mapping, collection, and management
  • Single data capture for multiple purposes
  • Transfer of year-end balances and data as required
  • Automation of processes
  • Use data to drive insights, forecasting and planning
  • Improving organisational agility and response to business and regulatory changes, such as M&A activity or tax law updates
  • Identifying continuous improvement opportunities

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