• Tax and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

    Another way to solve your tax dispute

Tax and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


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What is ADR?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a formal mediation process for tax which can often help accelerate a resolution with HMRC. When a case is accepted for ADR, a third party mediator is appointed to manage the process and ensure engagement on both sides. 
In our experience ADR is invariably both a cost effective and efficient route to dispute resolution and is available to all tax payers and potentially to all tax disputes. 

Why would someone choose ADR?

There are all sorts of reasons why a dispute arises between a taxpayer and HMRC. Most commonly disputes arise because the facts are misunderstood, evidence is incomplete or there’s a breakdown in communication. 

ADR is particularly desirable and adds value to cases that have been on-going for at least 18 months and whilst it does not guarantee resolution, 80% of all ADR cases are resolved within 120 days.

How does ADR work? 

Within our team, we have accredited mediators placed to support clients and their professional advisors to determine whether ADR is a viable option. Where ADR is a realistic option, these accredited mediators will help manage the process, providing support from initial application right up to finding a resolution with HMRC. Where needed, we can also provide one of the joint Mediators.

Our team has extensive specific ADR experience having being involved in ADR since the initial pilot stage nearly a decade ago and with in-depth knowledge of the Litigation and Settlement Strategy (LSS). 

What if ADR is not for you? 

In cases where formal ADR is ruled out for whatever reason, there is an alternative less formal route which should be considered. We can organise facilitated conversations with HMRC to help move disputes towards resolution. Again our accredited mediators with their practical knowledge of the LSS can support you through the process.